Students Test the Waters For ‘Rock the Boat’ Documentary Video Students Test Waters

By Julie Baker
The Art Institute of Phoenix
Advertising Major

An eager team of future film-makers collaborate on a scorching Saturday morning at Dan Turner’s Sun Valley Fiberglas shop.

Potential host, Keith Bennet, stands underneath Arizona’s natural hot lights and improvises interviews with key players Jim and Carol Allen, Don and Darla Bardelli and of course, the inspiration for the show, Superstition Search and Rescue team.

Brian Colkitt, film teacher at The Art Institute of Phoenix, directs his Digital Media Production students on how to properly set up, film and coordinate the shoot.

Video Students Test Waters The following Tuesday, the troop meets up to discuss strategies for Rock the Boat’s future. “The opening we have planned for the series is so hilarious,” Colkitt excitedly explains.

There are many details left to be determined. One thing is for sure, “It’s going to be huge,” declares Colkitt.

Currently the film team, “Seven Canted Steevs,” is in the process of editing the hours of film they have captured. They are also deciding on the format and the angle of the show to help narrow which network will run the series.

Student Delbert Briones shares “My hopes are that we do a good enough job to get the show on the National Geographic or Discovery Channel so that we all of us have something on our resume and also get the rescue team funded too.”

The volunteers restoring the two classics, a 1952, 43’ Chris-Craft and a 1984, 21’ Chris-Craft Scorpion will all be captured and aired on the television program.

If you would like to be involved in the “Rock the Boat” project, please contact Jim Allen at (480) 947-6219 or by e-mail at